What’s your superpower? We talk dyslexia with Simonne Eldridge at T+T


What’s it like to be a senior leader with dyslexia? What do dyslexic people need to thrive and how can we make the work environment a better place? We talk to Simonne Eldridge, Executive Leader Clients and Brands at Tonkin + Taylor, about her superpower – dyslexia.

“The future is full of really wicked problems to solve and if we if we don’t bring diversity of thinking to the solving of problems then we’re just going to fall back on the ways that we’ve done it in the past.

“It can be quite tiring having a whole lot of diverse thinkers in an organisation and sometimes it feels like you can go around in circles and it can be it can be too big, but in reality that diverse thinking will create really innovative, creative solutions to those wicked problems of the future.”

See our video interview with Simonne here: 
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