Top tips on ways to celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

Te reo

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori is celebrated the week 14–20 September and this year’s theme is ‘Kia Kaha te reo Māori’. It’s an opportunity for us all to really celebrate and champion te reo Māori, helping to secure its future as the living, dynamic, and rich language of Aotearoa. Here are our top tips and links to helpful resources so you can be more confident with te reo and get involved.

Check out

This fantastic website has resources and ideas to help you celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. You can read up on the history of the week, this year’s theme, and the goals.

Familiarise yourself with common phrases

From welcoming to farewelling to encouraging– this useful language list has all the expressions you need to know!

Download the Kūpu app

The picture-taking app Kūpu uses Google’s machine learning software to show people the Māori words for the objects around them – and it’s free via the Apple and Android app stores. If you have a phone that allows it, we recommend you check this out!

Put Māori language signs up around the office

Te Taura Whiri has translated common words and objects seen and used in the office. Print out ones relevant to your space to have on display for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. And how about keeping them up all year round?

Test your mātauranga

Take this quiz by Te Papa and see where your te reo knowledge is at!

Make a habit of using tohutō

A tohutō (macron) is a line above a vowel to indicate that it should be spoken as a long vowel. Make sure your keyboard is set-up so you can easily use Māori macrons.  Find out how to enable the Māori keyboard here.

Sharpen up on your pronunciation

Take a look at these videos by Kaiako (teacher) Joan Costello. She provides four helpful tips to keep in mind when pronouncing te reo Māori.

There’s also this fantastic pronunciation guide we recommend you check out – perhaps you could print out copies for your staff?

Learn your mihi

The mihimihi (or pepeha) is a brief personal speech used to introduce yourself in a way that goes beyond your name. It offers the opportunity to express your whakapapa (heritage), your links to the land, your spiritual home, and your sense of purpose.

Check out Otago University’s detailed description of what a mihi is, the appropriate circumstances on when to perform one, and guidance on how to write your own.

The Pepeha Project

Check out this website – designed to help all New Zealanders introduce themselves in te reo Māori, through pepeha. It encourages everyone to learn the stories behind their pepeha and share them with pride!

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