The importance of allies and champions – let’s hail our allies!

Last month we partnered with Beca for a breakfast event for our Accord signatories, who heard from Heather Shotter, Executive Director of Three Waters National Transition Unit. Heather shared her personal diversity and inclusion journey, and the important role leaders need to play as allies and champions to create positive change.

With so many allies and champions in the room, we felt it was a great opportunity to discuss what we can be doing as allies as we move to action on our 2025 Diversity Agenda strategy.

Here are three that really resonated with us:

  1. Leaving loudly – developing and promoting a culture that supports both well-being and acceptance of life outside of work.
  2. Leading with courage – calling out bad behaviour and helping to create a culture that embraces all voices ‘speaking openly without fear’. 
  3. Challenging proudly – challenging the diversity of speaking panels, interview panels and shortlists, ensuring there is diverse representation, every time.

As our champions and allies, will you commit to these actions next year?

We’d love to hear from anyone who is role modelling these things in their firms, or has a leader we should shout out to! Email us a paragraph and photo and we’ll share these in the next edition of Dispatch.

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