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Leading from the top.

How have life experiences shaped the Presidents behind the Diversity Agenda, and what advice can they give the next generation of engineers and architects?
We talk with Judi Keith-Brown, Colin Crampton and Ian Fraser, the current Presidents of NZIA, Engineering New Zealand and ACE New Zealand – the organisations joined together to lead the Diversity Agenda.

Five top tips for managers.

It’s hugely encouraging to see chief executives and business owners taking diversity and inclusion seriously. However, in some cases, the same enthusiasm doesn’t always filter down through the organisation. Here are some diversity and inclusion tips to help middle management.

Leading from the top

By Megan Berger It seems like common knowledge these days that in order for policies and efforts to really stick, an organisation needs to implement these from both the top down and the bottom up. There’s a plethora of articles and industry perspectives that support this idea, but how often do we really see it […]

How can women get ahead? Take a break

By Megan Berger Like many engineers, Sulo Shanmuganathan’s initial interest and draw to the field came from growing up with an engineering parent. Today, she’s the Technical Director at Holmes Consulting in Auckland, but there was a time when Sulo saw academia as her calling. While her initial career goal was more focused on becoming […]

Driving change: An industry leader’s perspective

By Megan Berger Darryl-Lee Wendelborn is a poster child for female success in engineering. The Rotorua-raised engineer is now Managing Director at BECA, New Zealand’s largest professional services consultancy, overseeing the firm’s New Zealand business. Over the past 22 years, she’s learned the ins and outs of the organisation, where she started as a graduate […]

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