Solving the diversity dilemma one speech at a time.

Watch our most recent Diversity Agenda webinar, presented by Diana Thomson.

Diana Thomson is an international speaker, author and coach, who specialises in working with diverse groups to get their voices heard. We’re grateful to Diana for sharing her knowledge with us, for what was a fascinating talk which covered:

  • Why some people from minority groups hold back from speaking up, and some possible consequences of this.
  • How managers and employers can assist employees to gain more confidence, conviction, and courage with their public speaking skills.
  • Encouragement for individuals to identify their strengths and gain skills and experience in areas of weakness so they will build not only speaking confidence, but self confidence.

For those of you who couldn’t make the free live event, you can now watch the recorded webinar in your own time.

If you’re interested in hosting an online event, please get in touch – we’d love opportunity to share your diversity and inclusion knowledge with our members.

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