Six recognition days to remember.


Get on board and add these to your calendar.

International Women’s Day – 8 March

The annual celebration of achievements made by women all over the globe. It began after being proposed by Clara Zetkin at the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference that working women be honoured on 8 March every year.

How to participate: International Women’s Day is celebrated through social media posts, hosting women-led events and webinars and through showing support to programmes aimed at gender equality and the general advancement of women.

If you want to get even more involved — host or co-host a workshop or panel discussion around the gender gap in the industry. Other ideas to show support are by attending Diversity Agenda events, posting on social media and hosting activities in your office such as streaming the Prime Minister’s IWD address for staff to watch.

Social hashtags: #InternationalWomensDay #IWD #WomensDay

Global Accessibility Awareness Day – Third Thursday in May

A day dedicated to raising the profile on creating digital access and inclusion particularly for people with disabilities. It began in 2012 by developer Joe Devon as a way to incorporate disabilities into design and product development. It’ll be celebrated on 19 May next year.

How to participate: The Global Accessibility Awareness Day website has some great suggested activities such as going mouseless for an hour, creating more contrast in your design and enlarging fonts for people with visual impairments for starters.

Social hashtags: #GAAD #globalaccessibilityawarenessday #inclusion

Pride – 8 June

The ultimate global celebration of LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusivity. Every year Pride parades are held around the world as part of a celebration of all of the barriers and discrimination the LGBTQ+ community has and continues to face.

How to participate: Social media posts are an easy starting level of support. Other activities could include hosting a Rainbow morning tea, sponsoring tickets for Wellington Pride Youth Ball in March and being vocally supportive and inclusive of the LGBTI+ community year-round.

Social hashtags: #Pride #LGBTQ #diversity #inclusion

World Refugee Day – 20 June

The United Nations cemented 20 June as an official annual day of recognition in 2000 as a way to raise awareness and gain support for those forced to flee their homes as a result of persecution, war and conflict. This day has become more important than ever. Support and compassion for those who’ve been displaced is a major part of increasing diversity and inclusion.

How to participate: Take some of the tips you learned at the Settling into New Zealand events and action them. Create awareness posts on social media, host fundraising activities and volunteer with charities and organisations that help new migrants settle into the local communities.

Social hashtags: #WorldRefugeeDay #withrefugee

International Women in Engineering Day – 23 June

This day began in 2013 by the Women in Engineering Society. It’s mission is similar to the Diversity Agenda’s – to raise awareness of the women in the industry, the gender discrimination they face and to inspire young girls to pursue the profession when they leave school.

How to participate: Take the Diversity Agenda annual survey to see how your tracking and monitor where your company’s gaps are. Initiate discussions with staff to get their perspective on how to keep women in engineering engaged at all stages of their careers. Share the stories and journeys of the women in your organisation with us and your clients through profiles pieces.

You can check out the Engineering New Zealand video to celebrate this year’s day, here.

Social hashtags: #INWED #womeninengineering #womeninSTEM

LGBTSTEM Day – 5 July

LGBTSTEM Day is a newer day of recognition. It was launched in 2018 by Pride in STEM, as an avenue of encouragement and support for those who still struggle to openly be themselves at work. The initiative is also a measure to grow diversity in the global STEM community.

How to participate: Posting on digital platforms is currently the easiest way to get involved. Other ideas include hosting an LGBTI+ hackathon, forum or activity that gets staff involved in discussing inclusion. Join us at our events like our recent Allies Championing Change in the Workplace to learn more about the experiences that employees and clients in the LGBTI+ community face and become a more pro-active ally.

Social hashtags: #LGBTSTEMday #LGBTinSTEM

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