I’d like to see more females leading major infrastructure projects – Josie FitzGerald 

Josie FitzGerald

As Josie FitzGerald takes the reigns as the new chair of the Diversity Agenda steering committee, she’s determined to see more women leading major infrastructure projects and sitting on project boards in our industry.  

Josie, we’re so happy to see you lead our steering committee. Can you tell us what led you to be so involved with diversity and inclusion?  

As a female in a male dominated sector, I have seen the impact of bias throughout my career and as a result I am personally committed to driving change for my colleagues and for future generations.  I am a full time working mum to 3 teenage girls on Aurecon’s NZ Leadership Team, and as a role model and in these leadership positions, I want to help lead the change.

I was a founding member of Aurecon’s Women’s Initiative 15 years ago to drive retention of female talent within our organisation. I have continued to champion and implement change to drive greater gender diversity.  I am currently one of Aurecon’s executive sponsors for our DEI programme with a broader focus on improving the work lives of our colleagues from many diverse backgrounds.   

How does an organisation know when they’re successful when it comes to diversity and inclusion? 

I often think that when you hear people talking in a positive light amongst themselves about DEI and the things that they are seeing and feeling, then you know you are having some success.  

What’s one thing you’d like to see improve across the architecture and engineering industries when it comes to inclusion?   

More females having a seat at the decision making table – whether it’s through leading major infrastructure projects, sitting on project boards or leading our architecture and engineering organisations. 

What’s one thing Aurecon is doing in the DEI space that you’re especially proud of?   

The development and implementation of He Rautaki Māori to recognise Māori as partners in Aotearoa, the creation of Aurecon’s waiata which embodies our principles and values, and our Pou Rautaki Māori and rōpū who are passionate and supported by the leadership team and the entire business. However, it’s a journey and there is still so much more to be done.   

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

When I can get away, I’ll head to Mt Maunganui to go body surfing or skiing somewhere in the mountains – my husband and I have made a challenged to ourselves to ski on every continent.  

If you’re a Diversity Agenda member with a great story to tell, please get in touch.

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