Five Top Tips on why your firm should join our movement.

We could tell you all the reasons why we think you should commit, but let’s hear from your fellow firms, who explain why are they involved in the Diversity Agenda.

It’s helped us with our value proposition – internally and externally.

Because people want to work for a company that satisfies their desires in terms of social responsibility and the values that align with them personally. And when people are deciding whether to join, stay, or if they’re aligned with a company, our Accord commitment shows what’s important to us.

Leisha Holliday
Calibre New Zealand

It was a no-brainer.

We were already down the path in terms of diversity and inclusion as we’d started up our diversity group within Harrison Grierson, so we saw it as the next step for an industry-wide perspective.

We’re on our journey at Harrison Grierson and we see the importance of making sure that our whole industry is taken along. At the end of the day Harrison Grierson has a purpose of shaping the world into a better place. We’re doing that one step at a time with our own business but for me, the Diversity Agenda is the next step in terms of shaping the whole industry into a better place.

Glen Cornelius
Harrison Grierson

We’re now actually being held to account on something.

I could see being part of a broader industry conversation meant we could have the opportunity to learn from what others were doing, compare notes, and we would be able to share some of our experiences at the front line with this stuff. When the Accord came a couple of years after that, it felt really good to be a part of it. Because it wasn’t just clicking to subscribe – we’re now actually being held to account on something.

Ralph Johns

I’m passionate about making a difference.

I see being a Diversity Accord signatory as a great opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from other leaders about how to create a truly diverse workplace.

Ross Buchanan
Hilti New Zealand

To be part of the movement for change in New Zealand.

Aurecon signed up as part of our accountability and commitment to diversity and inclusion and to be part of the movement for change in New Zealand. As a public document it indicates our intention to be an employer of choice for all people and to be held accountable for our performance.

We are deeply committed to improving diversity and inclusion within our industry and we are not afraid to stand up and be held accountable. The Accord is an opportunity for us to be challenged.

Tracey Ryan

Your peers have said it better than we ever could. Start the kōrero in your workplace, be the change, and join our movement today.

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