Five steps to becoming an Accord signatory.

If you think the Accord is an overwhelming commitment that involves a lengthy sign-up process, then think again. This month’s Top Tips walks you through just how easy it is to become a Diversity Agenda Accord signatory. All you need is a strong desire to drive real meaningful change within our professions. So, how about coming on board?

Be committed

Are you passionate about making engineering and architecture more diverse and inclusive professions, working for a diverse and inclusive nation?

Become a Diversity Agenda member

Before signing the Accord, we require you to sign up as a member to show your serious about diversity and inclusion, and to benefit from access to our resources, events, tools and tips.

Request to sign the Accord

To take your commitment to the next level, simply get in touch with us at the Diversity Agenda and we’ll send you our sign-up forms.

Tell us how you’ll uphold the values of the Accord

Submit a report, clearly stating how you plan to uphold the three tennets of Accord:

  • Leaders and decision makers are leading the way
  • Our people influence our decisions and developments
  • We expect fair and inclusive treatment for and from everyone, including all organisations we work with

Sign the Accord

Once you’ve filled in the form, you simply sign the Accord and you’re on your way to creating meaningful change in our professions.

As part of your commitment, Accord signatories are required to attend a couple of CE roundtable events (online or in-person), attend our annual Accord summit, and send an annual survey for staff to complete, to find out the below metrics:

  • The percentage of women in their workforce
  • The percentage of women in leadership roles
  • The percentage of pay equity gap
  • The percentage of gender pay gap
  • The percentage of self-identified LBGTI+ employees
  • The percentage of self-identified Māori and Pasifika employees

Become an Accord signatory now and be a part of our first Accord summit in May, where you can pick the brains of some of the most inspiring leaders in our professions. 

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