GHD Auckland
27 Napier Street, Auckland


Sep 06 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Mainstreaming LGBTQIA+ Diversity

Martyn Loukes is a Change and Communications Consultant working in the Automotive Industry, and is best known for work in London creating the world’s first LGBT transport related public awareness campaign ‘Ride with Pride’.

Starting with London’s first rainbow crossing in 2014 and then going on to create unique campaigns that saw a bus, traditional black cab and overground train adorned with rainbow livery. By 2016 he added 48 traffic lights to London’s iconic Trafalgar Square in 2016 for Pride in London.

This initiative was the first outwardly focussed campaign for Transport for London (TfL) cementing the fact that the Capital was open to all. It created a media sensation that went on to be copied around the world where he advised several other companies to do similar projects. He was Honoured by the late Queen for his work with a British Empire Medal in 2015 and was given Freedom of The City of London in the same year.

Martyn also introduced the first workplace HIV testing initiative at TfL, changed station announcements to be gender neutral and created the first BAME Internship programme focussed on increasing diversity in Communications before he left in 2017.

After that he also created diversity projects locally that included a permanent rainbow crossing in his own London Borough for their celebration of culture in 2019.

Martyn continues to campaign for recognition and acceptance of LGBT diversity, in 2022 he completed a short documentary on the story behind London’s now widely recognised and lauded diversity traffic lights.