Online Webinar


Feb 24 2022


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Helping ethnically diverse staff flourish in the workplace

Did you know ethnically diverse staff face challenges daily and may be less likely to let their voices be heard?

Suki Xiao, former Agile Coach and people leader in Xero, and now Career and Leadership Coach for women of colour, will talk through  the challenges she and other ethnically diverse staff face.

She’ll also discuss what it means to have a truly inclusive workplace where everyone is valued for who they are.

This free webinar welcomes anyone who wants to understand, support and be an ally to their ethnically diverse colleagues.

Suki will also discuss her lived experiences as an ethnically diverse woman in Aotearoa’s workforce, offering valuable insight and advice for ethnically diverse staff themselves.


Suki Xiao is an ICF credentialed coach (Associate Certified Coach) with 5+ years of coaching experience and the founder of As You.

As You is a pioneering career/leadership coaching and consulting service, which focuses on empowering women of colour – not only in developing, but sustaining confidence in all aspects of life and career.

Prior to starting As You, Suki was an Agile Coach at Xero, Meridian Energy and Datacom (via Nomad8). Suki had direct experience coaching, enabling and supporting teams and leaders to perform better and in new ways of working. She also served on the leadership team of Xero Partner Products and has worked with a range of people, from senior leadership teams to early career professionals.

Being a woman of colour herself, Suki also understands the need to support women of colour in all stages of their career to develop confidence, as well as clarity.

With Aotearoa becoming increasingly multi-cultural, As You addresses the challenges of being an ethnically diverse woman climbing the corporate ladder through a range of self-development programmes. From 8-week online career coaching courses to 6-month in-person leadership programmes, As You aims to help you define your career vision, transform your leadership identity and strengthen your self-confidence.

Connect with Suki today on LinkedIn and check out As You’s programmes.