1 October 2024



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Our goal at The Diversity Agenda is to help our members grow Māori cultural competence. We’re excited to partner with the team at Wolfgramm Holdings to bring you their version of Te Tiriti in an organisation’s workplace environment. With experienced facilitators, you’ll leave the workshop with an understanding from a Māori and non-Māori position of what does the partnership of Te Tiriti mean.

They bring together their Mātauranga Māori knowledge of Māori culture, Tikanga and values with modern business practices to create a positive impact for our communites and stakeholders.

What does the Te Tiriti Workshop cover?

  • LA Global view in a modern context.
  • A Whakawhanaungatanga (connecting) session to better understand the identities of your workforce that make up your organisation.
  • The ability to reveal and provide a snapshot of how you can embed Te Tiriti aligned frameworks into your organisation.

How will you and your organisation benefit from this Te Tiriti Workshop?

  • A global view, the history and the context of an open and honest converstion about a nation within a nation.
  • A better understand what it means to be authentic, meaningful and do things in a respectful way.
  • Additional benefits include a better understanding of the Māori losses, Māori gains and trauma endured and how you can move from a cultural responsive to a culturally proactive organisation.

Who needs to attend this Te Tiriti Workshop?

  • This depends on the level of success you are culturally seeking for your organisation, but we recommend that this journey is started by your leaders who are leading teams or projects and who want to be inclusive leaders now and into the future.
  • Anyone in a leadership role – we’re stronger together.

How long will this Te Tiriti Workshop take? 

9am – 4pm

To view testimonials from trusted brands in Aotearoa, check out this workbook.

1 October 2024

9.00am – 4.00pm

Air New Zealand
185 Fanshawe Street
Auckland CBD


Diversity Accord Signatories

  • $500
  • If your firm is an Accord signatory, this ticket’s for you.

Diversity Agenda Individual Members

  • $600
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