Tips and Tools

Getaflex is a job search tool specifically designed for those looking for professional, flexible roles across New Zealand. Several of our Founding Partners and Change Makers are already using this site to post jobs, so get on board today! Find out more

Architecture & Women NZ brings together the diverse practices of women trained in the field of architecture and seeks to raise their profile in the public realm. This is done through networks, events, publication and policy, and is free to join. Find out more

Diversity Works helps businesses around the country develop diverse and inclusive workplaces, helping every employee feel safe and valued. They have a wealth of resources available to help you design and implement more inclusive policies.

Empowering Women in Your Organisation

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

New Zealand’s leading network for young women aims to inspire, empower and equip New Zealand girls to develop their STEM, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in order to become the change makers of the future. Find out more

Global Women brings together New Zealand’s influential leaders to promote gender equality throughout our workplaces. Comprised of 300 incredible female leaders from all across the country, Global Women is committed to driving gender equality and diversity in business, and does so by offering events, programmes and tools for HR, business leaders and boards alike. Find out more

Centred around the discussion of gender equity in Australian architecture, Parlour Guides involves researchers, academics, architects, industry representatives and students in the critical discussion of developing better architecture workplaces. Read more about the tips and tactics they offer.

Engineering New Zealand’s CEO, Susan Freeman-Greene, identifies her three principles of diversity that guide her actions as a leader. See Susan’s article here.

She Sharp aims to encourage women in computer science, computer engineering, IT, and tech-related fields to develop academically and professionally. In addition, they look to help women network and learn with each other; fostering the advancement of women in high school, university and industry. Find out more.

You no longer have to guess if the wording on your job ads is off-putting to women. Software like Textio analyses the language in job postings and recommends changes if the tone is too masculine. Learn more here.

Catalyst is a global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to help build workplaces that work for women. They have heaps of resources and links to tools that can help you design policies and workplaces that work for your organisation. Learn more here.

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