Diversity Agenda in the news

We’re so thankful for our Founding Partners, Change Makers and advocates that help drive the conversation around diversity in our industries. Have a look at the latest stories covering our initiative.

Alisha Baddock, Christchurch-based engineer at Beca, is featured in NZ Manufacturer’s ‘Women in Engineering’ recurring feature. Read more An op-ed by Ian Blair, Managing Director of WSPOpus, is featured in the NZ Herald. Blair discusses how WSPOpus has made moves to address the pay gap in the organisation, and its perspective on diversity as a whole. Read more Engineering New Zealand CEO, Susan Freeman-Greene shares her thoughts on the importance of setting a focus on diversity and inclusion. Read more Architecture Now features Diveristy Agenda Founding Partner and upcoming Wellington workshop panelist, Katherine Skipper of Warren & Mahoney. Read more Nicky Smith, National Maintenance Manager at HEB Construction, shares her thoughts on the state of diversity within engineering in the NZ Herald. Read more Katie Symons of Batchelar McDougall Consulting in Christchurch is featured in the May 2018 issue of NZ Manufacturer speaking about her role and her passion for engineering. Read Katie’s interview here on page 9. Engineering New Zealand Chief Executive, Susan Freeman-Greene talks about the initiative and the work being done to design more flexible work environments for parents in Stuff. Read more Sulo Shanmuganathan, Technical Director at Holmes Consulting speaks with NZ Manufacturer about her career, the challenges she’s faced and the importance of increasing rates of diversity in the industry. Read the piece.
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