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Big Interview: Coralee Fitzgibbon, part-two.

In the second half of Coralee’s interview, you’ll learn the challenges that come with the role of Inclusion and Diversity Leader. You’ll get insight into how New Zealand’s is doing in the D&I space – including areas we could improve on and where we’re doing well. And for our small to medium sized firms who mightn’t have the capacity for a standalone D&I position, you’ll get advice on where to start.

Big Interview: Coralee Fitzgibbon, part-one.

GHD is paving the way as a true leader in D&I, having recently created the new role ‘Inclusion and Diversity Leader, Asia Pacific’, which Coralee Fitzgibbon has stepped into. Learn how Coralee found a career in this space, the skills and expertise required for the role, the work the role involves, and the unique challenges engineering and architecture face when it comes to diversity and inclusion. 

Big Interview: Ralph Johns.

We talk to Ralph Johns, CEO of Isthmus Group and a committed Diversity Agenda Accord signatory.
Ralph discusses their D&I journey, how data collection and employee surveys opened their eyes, closing the gender pay gap, and their journey to truly embracing and embedding te ao Māori.

Big Interview: T’iafelelea’i Carinnya Feaunati.

Te Kāhui Whaihanga’s Susan Strongman speaks to T’iafelelea’i Carinnya Feaunati, a Wellington-based registered architect and cultural design adviser at DesignGroup Stapleton Elliott, who also teaches at Victoria University’s School of Architecture. We discuss how being a Samoan woman in architecture brings a unique, enlightening perspective, her passion for equity in design, the opportunity for architecture to bring social change – and more!

Big Interview: Leisha Holliday.

This month, we speak to Leisha Holliday, People and Capability Leader at Calibre New Zealand. Leisha discusses why it was important for Calibre to sign the Diversity Agenda Accord, how they’re keeping morale up during this lockdown, and their innovative approach to measurement and capturing data.

Big Interview: Rochelle Kirby.

This month, Mimi O’Callaghan from the Diversity Agenda speaks to Rochelle Kirby – an engineer at WSP and in her career so far, has many impressive achievements under her belt.

We discuss Rochelle’s university experience and if she feels the profession is progressing, how to compassionately call people out for un intended gender-exclusive language, and how important the next generation is to achieving a diverse and inclusive profession.

Accord Summit 2021: extending the drive beyond the room.

The Diversity Agenda Accord Summit bought together CEs and leaders from all 45 Accord signatory firms, as part of their commitment to be held accountable for their diversity and inclusion efforts over the past 12 months. There was true passion from our Accord signatories – so we’ve summarised some of the key points made by the leaders, to extend that energy to our wider Diversity Agenda community.

Big Interview: Joyana Finch.

This month, we speak with Joyana Finch – the first Pasifika woman to graduate from the University of Auckland with a degree in mechatronic engineering. Joyana discusses the beauty of growing up in the islands, her experience in the workforce, how we can encourage more Pasifika to aim for leadership positions, and how she’s inspiring the next generation to take an interest in STEM.

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