It’s time for Accord signatories to submit their data

Our yearly Accord Survey is now live, and signatories will begin to share their key metrics, a key commitment to being an Accord Signatory. Data, metrics and transparency are crucial if we want to make progress.

Together, we’ll review our findings at the Summit on 21 July 2023. This will help us understand what’s been happening within our firms and professions, highlight the trends we’re seeing, and the areas that need more focus. 

Wondering what we ask of our Signatories? See a copy of the survey questions and think about what your organisation’s responses would be.

To help signatories complete the survey, we’ve compiled a guide to submitting data to help them fill out the survey and ensure we’re collecting the right data consistently across our industries.

Feeling a little left out? That’s okay, you can still join our movement and be a driver for positive change in our professions. First, become a Member, then, sign the Accord.

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