Building a Case for Change

While more and more organisations are making real changes when it comes to improving diversity and inclusion, we understand that it still takes a lot of work to get buy-in from all levels of an organisation before new policies can be implemented.

There are myriad resources out there, and there seems to be a new diversity survey or research report popping up every week. We’ve combed the web for some helpful, credible resources that you can utilise in building your case for change. We’ll be including some of the most impactful points in these below surveys in an infographic that we’ll share soon, but for now, have a look at the list below and let us know what else you’d like to see.

If you have a report or survey you’d like to recommend we include here, reach out to

The annual Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey&Company and Lean In is a fantastic resource for organisations looking to understand the plight of women in the corporate landscape. Although the stats are from American survey respondents, the anecdotes, stories and tips for how to improve are universal. Check out this year’s report

Diversity Works conducts biannual surveys of New Zealand organisations, which means the public has a view and into how organisations are developing in (nearly!) real-time. Check out the latest surveys

McKinsey’s Delivering Through Diversity report take a global look at the impact diversity and inclusion can have on the bottom line. While it doesn’t cover New Zealand specifically, it gives universal reasoning for why investment in D&I policies is a smart move. Read it here.

Westpac’s report makes the case for better gender diversity by revealing some startling stats. The biggest finding? That having equal gender representation in leadership could add a whopping $881 million to New Zealand’s economy. Read the full report.

Hays Gender Diversity report offers a look into what’s impacting women in the workplace the most, and how alleviating those issues could have sweeping effects on an organisation’s rates of diversity. Read it here.

Deloitte’s Global Center for Corporate Governance released this global analysis on the number of women on boards across 64 countries, including New Zealand. Have a look at how New Zealand shapes up.

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