Engineering and Architecture
for everyone.

Engineering and Architecture
for everyone.

Over 360 members are committed to bringing change to our professions.

Engineers and architects create the world around us, making people’s lives better, healthier and more connected. We want the architecture and engineering professions to represent everyone, so the world we create is as diverse and inspiring as the people in it.

Our vision is to create an industry that is inclusive, respectful, and representative of society, where everyone feels safe and valued in their workplace.

We achieve this by providing our members with resources and tools, expert training and workshops, policy and strategy support and more. Additionally, we host a community for DEI practitioners within our industry to collaborate and support one another. Through strong connections with businesses, partners, educational institutions, and government bodies, we help to bridge gaps and foster inclusive cultures and practices.


To truly have sustainable impact we need to change the system and build a coalition of the willing. We’re proud to share our strategy through to 2025 and beyond.


Tactical action plan.

Diversity Agenda MEMBERSHIPS.


As a senior leader, signing the Diversity Agenda Accord demonstrates to your staff, your team and your customers that you’re committed to investing in diversity within our sector. It’s also an opportunity to come together as business leaders to learn from each other about what is best practice and how to implement it within your organisation. 


This membership is designed for passionate individuals who are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within our industry. Whether you’re already leading the charge or looking to kickstart your journey towards a more inclusive future, our Diversity Champions membership is your platform for action and recognition at all levels. 


The Diversity Agenda welcomes partnerships for companies within our industry that have a passion for the diversity of our industry. You’ll have clear alignment with our values and goals, and have the opportunity to share that alignment alongside our members. Contact us to find out more. 

Sign the Accord.

Industry insights report 2024.

Our Accord Industry Insights Report, released annually in June, highlights the progress we’ve made over the past 12 months and shares insights in to the work we still need to do to creative a fully inclusive industry that represents the communities we serve. With our Accord Signatories representing 11% of the engineering and architecture market, this gives us a glimpse in understanding the make up of our industries. 

Latest news and insights.

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Upcoming events.

Wellington get together

This informal get together is designed to bring like-minded professionals from the Wellington region together over some drinks and nibbles to share valuable insights, discuss all things diversity, equity, and


Leaders should aim to create an environment where staff feel they belong, they have autonomy, and that what they are doing has a purpose they care about, and then direct

Christchurch Breakfast

This informal get together is designed to bring like-minded professionals from the Canterbury region together over some breakfast to share valuable insights, discuss all things diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI),

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